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Report Outages or Service Problems:

call PowerTouch at 843.369.2212

The fastest way to report an outage is to update your phone number on your account, so the next time you need to report your power out, the system will recognize your location based on the phone number. Press one and your done!

In case of a power outage, follow these simple instructions.

  • Check to see if your neighbor has power.
  • Check for blown fuses or tripped breakers in your switchbox panel.
  • If fuses and breakers are okay, please call Horry Electric.
  • Turn off all major electrical appliances, especially computers, heating/cooling systems, televisions and DVD players.
  • Keep flashlights and a battery-operated radio in an easy-to-reach location. Check the batteries in the flashlight and radio monthly or keep new ones handy.

TheĀ AmericanĀ Red Cross is here to make sure you are as prepared as you possibly can be for potential disasters and other emergencies. These events can strike suddenly, at any time and anywhere. There are three actions everyone can take that can help make a difference.