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These storms typically form over large open bodies of warm water.  These storms contain heavy rainfall, high winds, and can contain tornado’s.  Hurricanes and Cyclone hazards can also include along the coastlines rip currents, storm surges and inland flooding. They can cause heavy damage and devastation in their path.


A severe rapidly rotating tropical storm occurring in the North Atlantic Ocean.


The same type of storm which occurs in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

The Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is used to rate hurricanes and cyclones  from 1 to 5 based on sustained wind speed.  This will give you an estimate on the potential for property damage.  Storms above a category 3 are considered major hurricanes because of their significant damage and potential loss of life.

Hurricane Tracking charts are also available for traking storms approaching your area. Download the .pdfs below using Adobe Reader.

Atlantic & Gulf Coasts

Pacific Coast


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